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Drugstore Beauty Favourites

Considering I shared my high-end favourites last week, I thought it was only fair to give some loving to the drugstore. I love so many products from Boots and Superdrug and most of them are holy grails if I'm honest. I could easily do a few more of these posts as it was a challenge to whittle it down to a list that wouldn't go on forever so there may be more in the future but for now - here we go!

Current Skincare Routines

It's time to share my current morning and night skincare routines. Whilst my knowledge of skincare isn't the best, my current routines are the best I've ever had in my opinion and I really have noticed a change in how my skin feels and looks so if you fancy it, here's my very underwhelming skincare routines.

High-End Beauty Favourites

I love a luxury beauty product and some of them are really worth the high price point and for the most part, I couldn't imagine not having them in my make-up collection. I've managed to come up with a little list of some of my faves that I know you guys will love or probably already do love.

Hello 2018 // An Obligatory Post

2017 was a cracker of a year and I'm honestly kind of sad to see it go but very excited for 2018 - a new year, let's see what it can bring! There will be none of this new year, new me rubbish from me because I just want to continue to be who I have become so far and see what else I can bring to the table.

I've got a few big things happening in 2018 with the first one being that I will be turning the big 21 at the end of the year which I think is quite a big thing (I'll be like, even more of an adult!) But before then, I will finish year 2 of university and will begin a placement year and get some real experience in the big wide world which I am honestly really excited about. There are also a few trips planned throughout the year with friends and family so lots to look forward too. 

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how 2018 unfolds, I have high expectations and a really good feeling about it. I plan to put more effort into blogging, continue working hard at uni whilst having a fab social life and spending time with people that I want to surround myself with. Last year I definitely upped the amount of 'adventure' and I'd really like that to continue so let's see what I can do! 

Hope you all have the best 2018 and let's all enjoy it! 

Thank you for reading!